Rivalta Spedizioni proposes itself as a valuable support to production and service companies in the management of international flows of goods, strong in the skills and preparation acquired over the years, it offers a service aimed at optimizing lead time, which today represents a key to success of strategic importance in the management of the logistics chain.

Specialized personnel are at the client's disposal to illustrate and prepare ad hoc solutions that effectively and efficiently respond to the specific needs that the different types of activities and goods entail. The knowledge and experience gained in the customs field and more generally in forwarding activities at the international level allow us to offer our Clients precise guarantees regarding the speed of processing the necessary paperwork and the coordination of import-export operations. The company can boast a primary and well-established link with the public administration, as evidenced also by the achievement of the certification AEO (authorized economic operator) that recognizes to Rivalta Spedizioni the status of reliable and virtuous operator.




The services offered by our Company cover the main needs of the Company engaged in import-export of goods, ensuring the utmost attention to the constant changes in the regulations governing the industry.

Specifically, the services provided by Rivalta Spedizioni include:

  • Export and transit transactions in simplified procedure by telematics
  • Processing invoices for submission of INTRASTAT forms
  • Tax consulting service