The system created by Rivalta Spedizioni, taking advantage of its strategic location, is the natural evolution of logistics: tailor-made for each customer, taking care of goods from every form, from raw material to finished product, all with sophisticated systems based on innovation and supply chain knowledge. 
In fact, over the years our company has diversified its storage activities to meet the different needs of customers by creating state-of-the-art temperature, atmosphere and humidity controlled warehouses, as well as expanding room temperature storage areas dedicated to organic food storage.
Our warehousing activities include:


  • in/out
  • order management and possible returns
  • Traditional storage and in multipurpose cold rooms with Cee stamp for meat and fish
  • Quality controls at every stage
  • sampling
  • processing of various kinds
  • picking
  • sorting


Rivalta Spedizioni has developed a radio frequency logistics management system that it is now able to make available to interested companies.
The covered warehouses offered to customers have a total area of about 50 thousand square meters, of which about 20 thousand are refrigerated. The facilities and spaces are wired with wi-fi and high-speed fiber optic data network. Infrastructure facilities are complemented by supervised parking areas for heavy vehicles.