Rivalta Spedizioni has expanded its service offerings to direct transportation with the creation of RT Logistics, a registered carrier.

RT Logistica

R.T. Logistica is a company with its own fleet of vehicles in continuous progress in the quality of the organization, the vehicles themselves, the software, and in compliance with all current regulations.

With a large, well-designed and well-organized fleet, RT LOGISTICA can transport any type of container.

The use of modular semi-trailers allows us to be flexible and to be able to meet all the needs of our customers. Containers of any length (20'; 30'; 40'; and 45') and with any type of configuration (box; flat, tank, open top, high cube, swap bodies, silo, bulk ect..) without the slightest problem can be transported with our fleet.

We pay special attention to the pursuit of efficiency, safety and punctuality, knowing how important these elements are in our industry.

The RT Logistica fleet

RT LOGISTICA's fleet consists only of vehicles equipped with environmentally friendly Euro 4 and 5 anti-pollution devices and satellite trackers on each vehicle.

Upon request, the customer has the ability to know with absolute accuracy and in real time the location, coordinates, road traveled, speed, downtime, stops and detour of the goods.

RT Logistica


Fabrizio Pisani


Paolo Chiavarino
Alessandro Valeri



Emilio Remotti


Tel. 0131 894210

Fax  0131 867458



Elena Caiola


Tel. 0131 8956274